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Proview720 17" CRTtevenTested Not WorkingBlank Screen. ProviewPro-710mop414Tested Not WorkingBlank Screen ProximaUltralight LX1jbrentonTested Not Workingprojector; vga input radiusprecisioncolour display/17times2Tested Workinga very old mac monitor with bnc connections RadiusIntelliColor Display/20mrichTested WorkingBNC5 works, didn't test the HD15 connector (Video also Blank... Phillips150B3BnosleepTested WorkingWorks great. news

Please try out the above steps and tell me whether they solve your problem or not. anyone wanna donate one to me? no screen, blinking orange light. I hope I can help you again next time. -Feilong Important Disclaimer: Answers and comments provided on Google Answers are general information, and are not intended to substitute for informed professional http://core252.lv.id.lv/softloads/dell-v1528e-driver.html

Manufacturer doesn't list SOG, guess it's not. Just blank. ProlineCrystalView 7Klrlittle_nickyTested Not Workingnothing Proview564PXkleungTested Not WorkingNo boot, console, or X screen. No portion of this webpage may be reproduced in any form without providing visible HTML link to Pinouts.ru Вторник, 04.07.2017 Подольский сайт бесплатных объявлений Главная | Регистрация | ВходПриветствую Вас Гость

Almost legible. Please see AOC LM-919 for comments. Gateway 2000EV500nephilaTested Not WorkingDoesn't support SoG Gateway 2000EV900hbmTested Not Working Gateway 2000Vivitron 1572 (CPD-15F13)jag110270Tested Not WorkingWorks OK in boot screens & text mode. Please read carefully the Google Answers Terms of Service.

NECMultiSync XV 17+graphicsboyTested Working...well...sort of...I can see some stuff, and naviagate enough to get to a point where it sync properly. Please keep me posted if you have any other suggestions. MicronLM-1564thackrayTested Not WorkingNo Go on this one. http://ps-2.kev009.com/sog/ Windows will provide the best driver for this device. - Uninstall the driver for the video card.

NokiaMultigraph 449EvicviperTested WorkingTurned the PS2 on first then the Monitor. Before you install, make sure you uninstall your current driver for your graphics card. Mini DisplayPort is capable of driving display devices with resolutions up to 2560?1600. HPMX50lilcorzempaTested Not WorkingNo "sync on green" compatibility.

Manufac. https://www.tamayatech.com/partsindex/partV002.htm Need to switch off, wait 5 min, switch on, and enjoy... the "screen area" scroll bar on display properties still only goes up to 800x600 even though the screen is definitely now 1024x768. NECMultiSync 5DmmuletTested Not WorkingBlank Screen - Changed all switches without effect NECMultiSync 5DmmuletTested WorkingDidn't work initially; after booting has rock steady screen NECMultiSync 5FGz3r0_dTested Working NECMultiSync 6FGpcolinTested Working NECMultiSync 70chandlerb2kTested Not

CTXVL700johnshueTested Not Workingconstantly rolling display CTXVL710fromanielloTested Not WorkingNothing, NADA CTXVL950antigravTested Not Working CTXVL950ThalimanhTested Not WorkingDid not work. navigate to this website Available on Apple Macintosh LC 630 / Quadra 630Apple Display Connector (ADC, Apple Digital) videoThe Apple Display Connector (ADC) is a proprietary modification of the DVI connector that combines analog and Read MoreBook your Driving Test or Test advice & TipsNeed some advice for your Practical Driving Test or you need some tips, this is the place to visit. NokiaMultigraph 449Ewdon222Tested Working OperlenceEX 7SEpcb-diTested Not Working OptiquestQ51mop414Tested Not WorkingTried 4 different revisions of the Q51 OptiquestQ51 15" Model VCDTS21375-1MtalconTested Not WorkingScrambled Rolling Picture - will not sync OptiquestQ51-2numbersixTested Not WorkingNo

NECLCD1510vkristofeTested Workingold lcd panel. MONITOR W/SPEAKERS Viewsonic V17GAOEM Compaq VIEWSONIC / 17IN EVGA CLR .27DP New Open Box Compaq V17GSRefurbished Compaq 17IN 1280X1024 CLR .27MM Compaq V17GSRefurbished Viewsonic 17-IN. AurigaColorPro 19DtanmanTested WorkingNo problems at all. More about the author AcerAcerView 99cfrancojcTested WorkingWorks from Linux boot menu on....

works just fine. May need to turn the power off and then back on in order to reset the sync, particularly when switching between DVI and analogue inputs. HITACHICM641ETtito760Tested Not WorkingGreen roll line on screen HITACHICM769ETpinchonTested WorkingPerfect HITACHICP-X325pgoteraTested WorkingLCD PROJECTOR - Menu Setup SOG on Hitatchi37PD5200atochTested WorkingPlasma panel hpmx70ztzerocoolTested Not WorkingAnother user claimed that it works, but I tested

NECMultisync XE21jeff151Tested Workingno problem NECMultiSync XP 15enduserTested Workingworks perfectly NECMultisync XP17yonderboyTested WorkingTurn on the PS2, turn on the monitor, wait 6 seconds and you're up and running perfectly!!!

I just tested it and it just kept telling me to recheck my video cable. AOCSpectrum 7GlraxsVendor Claims Should Not WorkAsked AOC support, they replied S-o-G is not supported. DELL1504FPmxmaldoTested Not WorkingNothing, Nada DELLD825TMinkmanTested Workingworks nicely, no problems DELLE771aagentchenTested Not Workingsorry, submit it wrong the first time DELLUltraScan P991philippe23Tested Working DevilEX9SPblascoTested Working DIAMONDCM-1554NELnilsTested Not Workingdisplay is distorted and rolls in Packard Bell15"firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view.

Philips4cm4770zuhairTested Working Philips4cm4770zuhairTested Workingdownload Philips4CM4770hell4devilsTested WorkingWorks fine, only the initial Sony Computer Entertainment.... Excellent! Just set to sync on green in On Screen Display (OSD). click site It sat there with a black look in its tubie ;) Packard Bell14" #1firebrand9Tested Not WorkingScrambled view.

DellE151FPpviper87Tested Workingworks perfectly - nice lcd screen DellE171FPbkennybabyTested Not WorkingNothing DellE173FPbkennybabyTested Not WorkingNothing DellE551mop414Tested Not WorkingRolling Screen DellE770sdeforTested Not WorkingNo signal. Connector can also be used with a standard s-video connector - the 7 pin mini-DIN has the same plastic key feature as the standard 4 pin mini-DIN s-video connector.Nvidia Geforce 9 as root - edit /etc/X11/XGSConfig and comment out the FrameRate 60 line, then uncomment the FrameRate 75 line - Enjoy! IBMP202zenyuTested Working IBMP260jeff151Tested Working IBMP50munzliTested WorkingWorks great IBMP70oldgitTested Workingworks fine, should be available secondhand for a few quid IBMP76quistisTested Working IBMP77myrkraverkTested WorkingWorks great (I haven't tested booting linux with it) IBMP96doofusTested

Reviews New Hyundai i30I provide a professional 1 on 1 service in the new state of the art Hyundai i30 blue drive with start stop technology. A - VERIZON Sierra Wireless V3219OEM TECHCRAFT TECH-CRAFT TV SWIVELS / - SWIVEL/TELEVISIONS New Open Box TECHCRAFT V3225Refurbished Motorola MODEM V.3225 LCD MINI SA EXTERN V.32 9600 Motorola V3225Refurbished UDS V3225 Works great in [email protected] DellUltrasharp FP1800pan0kTested WorkingWorks great - no problem of any kind DellV1528Elonewolf1Tested Not WorkingStay in Standby mode. NECMutliSync XP 21graphicsboyVendor Claims Should WorkDoesnt work right off the bat.

Did not work for me. this particular model barely works in normal conditions anyway. Carrys s-video and composite signals. Can see funny shapes when displaying test screen.

I now have 1024x768 - luxury! drverRead More » 11.05.201499 commentsCyborg gold windows saitek driver 7 3dAnd the cat paws up in my driver, driver while Im peat, and dells a key. Unit was manufactured in 1988! Far from correct.

DellE770s (066GCN)mark_f1manTested Not Working DellE771accnTested Not Workingno response DellE771pstinkypaulTested Not WorkingCheck Signal on screen DellE771p (011FKD)mark_f1manTested Not Working DellES-17bootleggerTested Not WorkingNothing at all displayed - no sync.